Fabio Betti

The Beginning

Fabio was born on January 1st, 1972, in Monte San Savino, a small medieval village in the province of Arezzo, in Italy.
The love for tailoring and for stylish clothing was part of Fabio, inherited from his granny Franca, lingerie embroider for a well-known Florentine maison, and from his mother Francesca, owner of a fabric shop in his native town.
This early contact with materials, with the textile milieu and with customers, marks for Fabio a path that, with insight, looks as if it had been inevitable, written by a destiny that could not be ignored. Fabio gets to know the world of his mother’s shop since he was six.

By his teens, he had acquired a rather deep knowledge of fabrics and raw materials, a little by chance, a little out of curiosity.
He is only 18 when he creates his first suit on the occasion of his cousin’s wedding.
This is a milestone in Fabio Betti’s personal and professional career. In fact, it is after this episode that he has no doubts about his future profession.
His professional experience began in a small local company of confection of men’s clothes.
He was soon given the position of supervisor for the purchase of raw materials.

About Me

How can we help you?


Why is Fabio Betti brand different?
Because he has been able to combine the very high quality of his bespoke and of his personalised service.
Many brands produce made-to-measure, but there isn’t only one way of making it.
Fabio Betti technique continues in the tradition of bespoke he was introduced to ever since he moved his first steps in this field.

Points of strength of his brand:
• Individual service;
• High quality trimmings and finishing;
• Utmost customization of the bespoke.


Wherever you are in the world, we will come to you.

Thanks to his organisation, Fabio Betti is one of the very few in Italy who can offer the service of joining the client personally wherever he will be. The tailor comes to you! And this is a guarantee.
After the first contact with the client, details for the first meeting are set.
One of the most important aspects of Fabio’s service, is the selection of top class exclusive locations, indicated by himself according to his experience or, alternatively, chosen by the client himself, always with a keen eye to the best comfort and total privacy of the custom.
The client’s measures are taken personally and exclusively with the measuring tape, in order to provide the maximum precision, which would be impossible to get any other way.
A custom pattern record is created. Every client’s wish, every detail will be noted in it.
At this point, all the individual preferences will be noted in the file as well as the choice of fabric, trimmings and accessories, and this will be the guideline for the confection of the customised suit or any other chosen garment.
After this first phase, the suit will be cut and assembled, ready for the first fitting. This will give the opportunity to check the fitting and correct any possible flaw.



Fabrics are chosen exclusively from the best Italian and English producers: Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland & Sharry, Scabal…

Sartorial fabrics range from 150’s to 200’s wool, from cashmere to cotton to Irish linen.

Buttons are made of horn, mother of pearl, titanium, gold, silver, to the client desire.

Ever and any request will be fulfilled by Fabio Betti’s Italian suppliers.



The taste and the elegance of the fabrics are expression of personality and style, two aspects Fabio Betti’s clients do not give up, ever.
This is the reason why every single customization is in harmony with the style and personality of the client. The suit becomes the client, making him always feel at ease with its wearing.

Each detail can be talked over and decided with Fabio, who will be pleased to be at your service as counsellor as well as your friend.

Everything and anything can be customized. For example, the linings can be colourful, embroidered; the buttons can be engraved.
The suit that will be created, will be unique, reflection of the client’s personality. No two men are alike, no two suits can be alike.


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